Smashbox Colour Correcting Sticks Review!

Hi beauties,

I hope your all having a good week and happy Friday to you all.

Currently sitting in our local Starbucks sipping on a latte and feeling very at home as the rain pours outside on the streets of Ventura. Rainy days in LA are very rare so I wont complain. I actually don’t mind when it rains here as it gets so hot and dry its nice to see the LA river with actual water in it haha! It does make me appreciate the green landscape of Ireland. I now realise what people mean when they ask what its like to come from  country that is so green and rainy and how lucky we are. It is true!

Anyway enough about the rain and onto the makeup. I recently got sent the Colour Correcting Sticks from Smashbox LA and tried them for the first time last week. Now as you guys will have learned from my beauty posts, I only write on things that I use and like myself and am very honest in what I say when trying out new products. I like to share with you all if I have stumbled across a new product or really like one of the ones I’ve been sent. This is one  of those products. They are amazing and the product “does exactly what it says on the tin” 😉 (Anyone from Ireland/UK will understand that quote) to the rest of you its pretty self explanatory, the sticks don’t lie on the packaging!


Speaking of packaging, Smashbox have done a great job in the appearance of the Colour Sticks. They are slick and smooth and are simplistic in design which I LOVE. As the saying goes, the simpler the better and I couldn’t agree more!


(Bloglovin picture)

Next step was to try them out and see what these bad boys had to offer. Firstly I cleansed and lightly moisturised my face with my Image cleanser and Vitamin E Moisturiser.


I then took the purple stick which is said to get rid of yellow tones and colour unevenness on the skin and patched it on my cheek area. Then I took the light orange for my dark circles under the eye and applied it in a circular shape so as it would be easy to blend in the delicate under eye area. Last stick I used for this natural makeup look is the green stick which is for redness and blotchiness, using it on my nose and forehead area. Then we blend. I don’t know why but I have this weird obsession with the whole blending routine when it comes to makeup. I love using (good) blending brushes and the satisfaction that you get when an evenly blended foundation of concealer works well! (Just a little side note)


Next step is to blend all the colours into the areas they are drawn on and evenly smoothing them to meet each other. This worked a treat with the Colour Correcting sticks and the difference they made to the areas where they were placed you can see pretty well in the pics below. I then applied a small layer of L’oreal True match foundation to the left side of my face in the pictures and maybeline age define concealer under the eye. In my opinion the coverage from the sticks and foundations turned out perfect in what they are portrayed to achieve and I would recommend these to anyone who has blotchiness, dark circles, redness or any blemishes they want to get rid of.

See the difference from the Left side of the face on the right picture, to the right side of the face (Bit confusing to read that sentence i know, haha but you get me!)


Aslo an extra side not and an important one in my opinion. The sticks are really soft to apply, I thought by looking at them in the package they were going to be quite hard on the skin, but they are very moist once applied to the face so this was a great little added bonus to this product I thought. Let me know if you guys have tried these yet and how you found them. I would love to hear your thoughts on them.

Have a great weekend to you all.

Peace and Love,



The Pink Diaries!

Hey Fashion Beauties,

Happy Thursday to you all. I’ve been kinda busy with meetings and acting stuff that my lack of blogging has become quite obvious to me so my apologies for that. Hence why I have something fun and colourful for you all today that I hope you enjoy. So before I implode a load (haha I’m a poet and I just don’t know it) of PINK onto your screen let me tell you why. Just opposite where I get my morning coffee I’ve notice this cool pink rustic looking wall in an alley way across the street! As it’s sunny most days here in LA (Don’t hate) the sun reflects off this wall and its pretty much hard to miss! So me being me and having a fashion and beauty blog I thought hey why not take a few pictures by this cool wall haha, could make for a cool little “photoshoot”.

I’ll let you guys be the judge of that.

It was on Tuesday afternoon, I had a casting for LA Fashion week that morning, which I got and am really excited about as its the first time I’ll be walking on a runway for a show. They were casting petite girls for this so I went along thinking why not, I’m 5ft6 and have always wondered what walking a fashion runway would be like. I will take loads of pics and do a cool post on the show if that is something you guys would like to see? Anyway back to my outfit of the day. I had a cute white gypsy top on, a ripped pair of jeans and my new Steve Madden chunky heels which I LOVE and have pretty much slept in since I got them. I threw the hat into the mix as it was in the car and I thought it looked cute with the outfit. So off to the pink wall we went. Hope you guys like these pics and let me know of any other cool background walls or funky places you may know of in LA as I have a photoshoot next week and am looking for some cool locations to shoot. Have a fabulous day Beauties and chat soon 🙂



Random live action ‘hair flick’ going on here. I promise this wasn’t a pose, it just came out that way. I guess I have the hair flick down haha!!

pink 2.jpg

Had enough pink yet? No? Ok heres some more 😉

pink 1.jpg


My makeup was a bit messy by the afternoon but hey this was a spur of the moment shoot so ya know I had to keep it authentic.


pink 3

Ok now thats enough pink even for me as I’m typing its a bit of a pink overload! But I do hope you liked this post. Let me knowing the comments below.Also I wasn’t to leave you with a little quote I wrote out the other day. Its so important to stay true to who you are and not fall into the pattern of comparing yourself to others. Believe in yourself and who you are, trust that and start from there.


Peace and Love







I broke my computer!

Hey Beauties,

I don’t think I’m going to have to expand on the fact that I Haven’t posted in a good while as the title of this post pretty much sums up the last month!

Yes, I broke my computer. Well its now fixed thank goodness, but it was not well for the past month. Basically to cut a long story short I was that clumsy eejit that spilt water on the key board. UGH frustrating is an understatement and to add to being ‘that eject’ I hadn’t backed up my computer and the whole month I was thinking it was going to be wiped. But luckily the smart people in Apple were able to fix it without wiping any of my data. YAY! Anyway thats why I haven’t posted anything in a bit and a half. On a side note I have also come to realise I am an extremely clumsy person which I never knew until moving here. Strange as it may sound but I think the move has made me quite discombobulated! Its kind of funny if I’m honest, like i’ll actually trip up over my own feet while walking, now come on, who’s not gonna laugh when seeing that?

Ok enough about my clumsiness and onto life the past month. A little update if you will. The last month being back after Christmas has been go go go with meetings and catchups, so its been a busy few weeks. The winter LA weather (not that that even exists) didn’t last long and were hitting the high 80’s in the beginning of February! Getting my tan on in February will never feel normal to me, but I’m bot complaining haha! The sunsets are ridiculous at this time of year. We went to Venice last week with a few friends and I caught this picture just as the sun was setting (personally I think I should enter it into some photo competition if I may say so myself!)



The picture’s pretty much sum up the weather and atmosphere here in California at the moment! LOVE!!!

Lets get down to fashion and makeup shall we? Ive had a good few things to dress for and dress my face for over the past month so will give you a highlight on my favourite looks and events that took place here in LA.

I got cast in a web series to play a bearded woman which I thought was hilarious when I read the script. I had to take the part, I mean how could I say no to a bit of facial hair fun? Wanna see me looking like Conchita from the Eurovision? I won’t spoil what the series is about but will be sure to link it when its out if you guys are interested in seeing it!

Here I am getting all bearded up with the amazingly talented makeup artist Kristal.


And here she is…The Bearded Lady. HAHA!!!


Now it wasn’t all this unglamorous. I did have a photoshoot for the promo shots looking less masculine and back to my feminine self. Heres what I wore to the Shoot. I was asked to dress like ‘Me’ and if I was to pick an outfit that sums my fashion style and comfort zone up this definitely ticks all the boxes for me. ‘Just Audrey’in It’


PS: These are probably one of my favourite pairs of shoes I have ever owned. From River Island 🙂


Here’s some shots form behind the scenes in the studio to have a look at. I will do a post on the pictures when they are up for the promo.




Kisses for you all and hope you enjoyed this little piece on what I’ve been up to the last few weeks while my computer has been out of action!

Also wanted to let you guys know that I will be starting my youtube channel soon. Let ME know if this is something you would all be interested in and what kind of things you would like me to post i.e: makeup looks!

Peace and Love my beauties,


Back in LA!

Hey Fashion Beauties!

It’s Sunday and I’m sitting in Santa Monica in the beautiful Casa Del Mar hotel lobby sipping on a latte and starting todays blog post! #Yummy!!

I arrived back in LA on Friday evening after a long 18 hour day of traveling. Letting you in on a little info about me, I HATE FLYING! When I say Hate I mean HATE, and I am aware its a strong word to use. lets just put it this way, on a flight for about ten and a half hours I spend 8 of them anxious as F@uck!! I’m surprised my boyfriend’s hand isn’t bruised by the end of the flight but sure he just pops a sleeping tablet and away into dreamland he goes. Me on the other hand feel I need to stay awake throughout the WHOLE flight as I feel in control of the plane that way (don’t ask!)

So as you can imagine I was wrecked when we arrived back to our humble LA abode. We got up super early yesterday and did a great hike by Laurel Canyon (New Years resolutions and all that jazz) It was a cool enough day as LA have had a good bit of rain the past few weeks so the air is nice and light at the moment.


Anyway enough about the traveling side of things and lets get down to MAKEUP shall we. I wanted to show you guys a little makeup look I did the other week that I loved. Its a red lip/smokey eye look so if you aren’t a fan of this combination look away now 😉

I used a mixture of ‘Half Baked’ from the NYC Urban decay pallet and matte dark brown for the Smashbox Full Exposure Kit. Highlighted the brow and cheeks with Smashbox light shimmer eyeshadow and on my eyebrows Benefit’s Smokin Eye eyebrow kit. L’oreal True Match foundation as usual and popped that red lip with Rimmel red!


Slicked my hair back and hooped some earnings on!



I used YSL Volume Mascara on my eyelashes. If you are looking to spend a bit extra on a good mascara this is the one to do it with. I don’t wear fake eyelashes and don’t feel the need to when I wear this mascara its AMAZING!


SEE!! Red lips and Smokey eyes aren’t that scary now are they?? It just depends on how Smokey of an eye you go with. Do a gold shimmer instead a brown to brighten the eyeshadow up and the red lip will pop!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and makeup look. Let me know in the comments if you are a fan of the red lip, smokey eye combo!

Chat soon Beauties.

Peace and Love,


Home for Christmas!

Hey Fashion Beauties,

Before you say it, I am aware I haven’t posted anything here in A MONTH! What a disgrace  I know haha. BUT I have a legitimate excuse, I came home from LA for Christmas and boy was I a busy bee. Firstly I need to point out I have never lived away from home long enough to ‘come home for the holidays’ so it was an experience to say the least. I also think when you live abroad you take for granted the treasures your home town has to offer. It has really highlighted how much I miss my family and friends here in Dublin but on the other hand has made me realise how lucky we are to have the sun everyday in LA.

Christmas was delicious! I spent it between my family home and my boyfriends family home laughing constantly, storytelling, eating home cooked meals, catching up with friends and drinking a lot of wine! Lets just say within the couple of weeks of eating and drinking my own body weight I think I might be borrowing my sisters pregnancy expansion belt on returning to Los Angeles. YIKES!

I wanted to do a post on one of my favourite outfit and makeup looks from over the few weeks. I think the obvious outfit to pick is what I wore to my friend Fiona’s Wedding. Fiona and her now husband Eamon threw an amazing wedding party in the K club in Kildare, about a 40 min drive from Dublin. We literally had the best two days with our friends, we danced and drank till all hours. (Picture this, its 5am, the wine is flowing, the music’s pumping, disco flamers in hand, you look to your right and your friend is sitting on the floor dancing in a cardboard box! Enough said? I think so!!)


Conveniently we didn’t have to look for something to do on new years eve as they treated everyone to a sit down dinner as part of a New York themed party. The glitz and Glam was on top form both nights and of course Fiona made a stunning bride. Now onto my outfit choice (ME ME ME!!) haha!


The day before the Wedding I went to town with my mum (Bit of a girly day out.) After a little liquid lunch, as you do, we took to the shops, as you do ;)! I had seen a dress online that I really wanted but wasn’t sure if the store still had it so I took my chances and went on the hunt for the shop and the dress. Instagram is amazing when it comes to finding dresses and thats exactly where I found this one. On Starla dress’s Instagram feed to be precise. I went in, I tried it on, I loved it, I bought it, EASY!

The Hem line on this dress has to be my favourite part, its so unusual, for me anyway, as I never wear dresses that poof out at the bottom. I always tend to wear a straight leg or midi dress that hugs below my knee. But I thought this was a really cute and elegant shape, perfect for a formal wedding guest attire. As you probably guessed I went all out with this look and did my hair big and curly and my makeup big and smokey!



I also went quite gothic and added a dark aubergine colour for my nails! On my eyes I used the smash box full exposure light and dark matte shades with a classic thick cat eye flick using my maybeline gel liner and brush to apply. (Well thats a bit of a mouthful, try reading that in one breath, Jeeeez Audrey throw a comma in there would ya?! :))

I used Benefit’s Smokey eye eyebrow pallet on my eyebrows, as usual, and kept my lip natural enough with Kate Moss 08 by Rimmel! I got a new YSL Volumes mascara in my stocking for christmas which I was delighted with. I had given a little hint at the dinner table that I had run out of my favourite YSL mascara letting it be known to all. So was delighted to see my little hint hint nudge nudge wink wink comment worked a charm 🙂

We stayed in a beautiful Air B&B around the corner form the K club in Straffan with two wonderful hosts husband and wife Gary and Rita. They made our stay so enjoyable with beautiful scenery to wake up to not to mention homemade scones and a full Irish breakfast (eggs fresh from the chicken coop in the back garden might I add!) The room we stayed in was so clean and cosy, they even had a little box full of essentials (body wash, razors, toothpaste, moisturiser, shampoo) in the toilet which I thought was a lovely little touch. They were a lovely couple to chat to and so easy going, Gary kindly offered to drop us to the K club both days instead of getting a taxi.A five star B&B for sure! I would highly recommend staying with them if you were going to a wedding near by or even if you are visiting kildare for a few days!

Gary and Rita’s Air B&B

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Holidays and a very Happy New Year to you all.

Peace and Love,




Artsy Fartsy LA!

Hey my beauties

Its been a while as they say! So much so it seems, that the layout of wordpress has been updated haha.

Well I have been a busy bee the past few weeks between work, ThanksGiving and going on some interesting meetings. I won’t bore you with the details but while on my busy few weeks in certain areas around Los Angeles I have found myself snapping some beautiful art along the streets. I couldn’t stop myself from taking a few pics. The colours in some of these art pieces are just stunning its hard not to stop for a minute and take it all in. Smelling the roses in an ‘art life’ kinda way I guess! So I thought I would show you guys a taste of what the streets, bars, restaurants have to offer here in the City of Angles.

Keep reading if your into this sort of thing 🙂

So first up we have a few portrait pieces from an artist named Joey Unlee. I had never heard of him until I started going to a local cafe up the road from where we live. They have his art hanging on the walls (optional to buy or just to look at) its hard not to get distracted form your reason of being in the cafe with the art it has on its walls. This guys unique style is so captivating with the use of colours and the clever brush strokes.




I just think the structure of his faces are stunning to look at.

Ok next is a cute piece from the streets of Melrose. I was “Window” shopping on Melrose Ave a few weeks ago (there are so many amazing shops along this street its hard not to spend, but the key is to not bring any money with you AH HA!!!) I was at the pedestrian crossing waiting to cross the street when I saw this woman dressed in overalls painting a wall with some of the most beautiful colours and shapes. She moved to the side and I saw her masterpiece in full flow. They were beautiful pink and purple angel wings painted on the wall at the side of the street. I had to go over and take a pic and also speak to this woman as I wanted to know more about these wings. I had seen them in pictures on Instagram before and wasn’t sure if they were part of some movement or just a random painting.


Her name is Colette Miller and she was so warm and welcoming to me talking to her and taking a picture with her art. She brought me around to her car which was the epiphany of an artists car, covered in paints and brushes and clothes it was so cool. we chatted for a bit and she gave me her card which had all her info on it. This, my friends, is ‘The Global Angel Wings Project’ and it is a movement she has created to remind humanity ‘We are the Angels of this Earth’ I just think she is such a powerful and inspiring artist that more people need to pay attention to. Her message is so important! Check out her website below. I was so happy to be able to catch her in action and snap a picture with the Angel Wings Project!



Now for some graffiti art. This style if done tastefully can be just as respected as any other style of art, its probably one of the coolest styles in my opinion.

Heres a few pieces on random walls in Venice, Melrose and Laurel Canyon, hope you guys enjoy looking at these and remember to take a snap of any cool street art you may stumble across on an outing or even just walking along the street. Its everywhere you just have to be open to seeing it.

Tip of the day: Try walking with your head held high as you never know what your missing out on if you don’t. 






I know this is a bit different from my usual fashion and beauty pics but I thought it would be a nice change. I also really wanted to share with you guys some of the pretty things I have seen so I hope you enjoyed this little arty piece and let me know of any artists you like or recommend.

Chat soon beauties.

Peace and love


Night of Generosity!

Hey Beauties,

I have a very special post for you all today. I went to a really interesting and inspiring event last Friday night that I wanted to share with you as the more people who know about this organisation the more lives are saved! The organisation is called

The reason I went to this event and my eyes were opened to it, was because my boyfriend was filming the promotional video for in Joshua tree a couple of weeks ago. He was approached by his HUGLEY talented filmmaker friend Jake Viramontez to come on board in creating an unbelievable piece of film. Jake works very closely with this and many other non profit organisations around the world. His work is truly outstanding and for such incredible causes (I’ve been brought to tears watching nearly every one of his documentaries ) Check his website out guys you won’t be disappointed I promise! Click on the link below 🙂


Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 11.46.08 AM

So Jake kindly invited my boyfriend and I along to the Gala being hosted to raise money for in The Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. It was kind of a plus as I have never been in this hotel and well, I was blown away. The architecture and the glamour was just WOW (I know I know, not the greatest wording to use but its pretty much what I said when arriving so I wanted to share as close to my night’s experience as possible, you know what I’m like!) The people and place were beautiful, lets just put it that way!


When entering the ballroom if I was to estimate how many people were there I would say there was close to 500, each sitting at a table enjoying a delicious meal and a glass of wine. While the meal was being served one of the founders of the organisation Jordan Wagner took to the stage along with E! News presenter Jason Kennedy. They each took turns in educating the audience about the amount of people around the world who are in dire need of clean water. As much as I thought I was aware of this crises from watching the commercials on tv and listening to the news, I couldn’t help but feel ignorant in the amount of information I DID’NT know! This event changed that and I wanted to try do my part in raising awareness about this cause by writing a subject piece for you guys.

As dinner came to an end and the band finished their set, Jordan, Jason and Anna Lindtjorn (another member of the team) encouraged people in the audience to take to the stage and donate money to fund wells around the world. Their goal on the night was to fund 70 wells, each well costing $5000 which provides clean water for a whole Village of people. I was seriously blown away by the amount of generosity in the room as people started to make their way towards the stage one after the other changing lives of hundreds of people along the way. One man took the microphone and donated 10 wells, another donating 5 wells and many more donating what they could (You don’t have to donate $5000 obviously, you can give whatever you can afford. Ever little helps and listed on their website linked below you will see how far certain amounts of money can go. But this event was in Beverly Hills so enough said!) On the night I think they reached a total of 65 Wells funded which was such an achievement. That number, I have no doubt, is increasing by the day as we all continue to educate those who may not be aware. To find out all you need to know about this organisation and all the wonderful work they are doing, click on the link below and donate if you can. If not, even sharing this post would be doing your part in creating awareness and thats what we all need to do. The statistics I learned from the night are astonishing. I really hope you all take the time like I did, to become more educated on this crises happening everyday around the world. The night really inspired me and I really hope this post inspires you.

Lets help change lives! US FOR US!!



Now Would you like to see what I wore? I know this is a fashion and beauty blog so I am aware I have to blog a bit about that side of things haha! Our friend had mentioned to us that it was quite a dressy night. As close to being black tie without being black tie if you get me 🙂

So I wore a midi length black dress that I have from Miss Selfridge as I don’t have many suitable dresses other than that one with me and I haven’t really been shopping here yet. (I mean I’ve picked up a few things here and there but have been pretty tight on spending as you can imagine, moving to LA and all!) So I thought the LBD was perfect for this event and lets face it you can never go wrong with black right? I wore my black pointy stilettos from good ole Pennys/Primark which are so comfortable and look really elegant for such a good price. If I remember correctly they were probably about €12!

IMG_7713 IMG_7745

I actually had to buy a new bag as I didn’t bring any fancy bags with me. I didn’t think I would be going to an event like this especially not in the first few months so wasn’t prepared purse wise. I went to TJ Max down the road and found a great little diamonte style clutch bag for $19 which I thought was a pretty good buy. Not expensive but looks expensive #KEY haha!


My makeup was pretty dramatic. I wanted to wear my hair pin straight complimenting the LBD and go for a very dramatic brown smokey eye and a deep red lip. I thought because I was wearing all black and no accessories (except for my gold chain) I could go all out with the makeup look. I used the shade ‘Smog’ from the Urban Decay NYC Palette and mixed it with the soft browns from the ‘Smashbox’ Full Exposure Palette and went for a slick black eyeliner and LOADS of my YSL volumes mascara ALWAYS!!


Here’s a little snap of us outside the Beverly Wilshire Hotel 🙂


And there you have it. I hope you all enjoyed this piece. I know it is a bit different than my usual posts but I really wanted to share this night with you guys and bring awareness to and the incredible work they are doing to help provide clean water around the world. Please take a look at the website guys, it really is worth me saying it to you all again as every little helps. As I said even a share of this blog post would be great, creating awareness for this organisation is so important.

Thanks for reading beauties I hope you are all having a great week.

Peace and Love,


Halloween Highlights!

Hello there my fashion Beauties!

Firstly how were all of your Halloween weekends?? I wanna hear some of your stories and what you got up to so let me know in the comments at the end of this post 🙂 Ok now onto what I did for Halloween. As some of you  may know I moved to Los Angeles a couple of months ago (Technically here 10 weeks Monday just gone. Time is FLYING!!) I have never experienced a Halloween in La up until last weekend so I was really excited to celebrate it here.

Its a funny story actually as we thought we had plans to go to a house party for the past few weeks, yet never actually confirmed with our friend whose friends house was having the party if it was still going ahead until the day of!! Wow thats a long sentence, you guys keeping up? haha! ANYWAY we called our friend Saturday afternoon and she was like “what party” so we found ourselves at a bit of a loose end at what to do. We don’t know too many people here yet we could just call up and be like ‘hey can we come to your party?’ Sooooo we went back to the drawing board. I had just spent $25 on two masquerade masks for us and was not letting them go to waste. So we decided to go take a walk around the neighbourhood and think of what we could do for the night. We also wanted to have a look at all the trick or treaters and the houses as we had been told the area we live in goes ‘All out’ on Halloween night. And boy were they right! People here go crazy for Halloween more so the parents rather than the kids!

Here’s some of the houses we saw on our walk.


This blow up pumpkin was HUGE!




Ok I know the quality of this photo sucks but I just wanted to show you guys, I thought this was hilarious. So a guy put a skeleton bride and groom in his wife’s Porsche and when I asked could I take the photo he goes “of course and don’t forget to #Annsporche!!” Haha only in LA haha!!


Right enough about the halloween houses now onto the halloween costume! As I mentioned before I had gotten a masquerade mask from a shop down the road called Halloween Town which was HUGE by the way and had so much stuff in it. Luckily I knew what I wanted so I asked to be pointed in the direction of the masquerade masks. They had a whole wall of them. I saw a girl beside me looking at one exactly like the one I had in mind so it saved me looking at a million of them and got the same one she was looking at haha!


I did a really dark smokey eye, a thick eye liner flick and a red lip! I wore my hair pin straight and tied the mask around like a head band. I didn’t want to go too over the top with an outfit choice. I wanted the mask to be the main costume piece so I wore my black suit and a lace bra underneath to keep in with the lace/sexy vibe!




Now to where we went. We had forgotten we’d been invited to a party that week but as we thought we were going to the other one we didn’t rsvp. Luckily the guys was cool and we text him that evening and said we’d love to come along to his halloween/birthday party in his house. It turned out to be such a good night. We met so many nice people and saw some great outfits, played AND won at beer pong (haha who knew) and ate some delicious food.

As entering the party everyone couple was given a number tag and had to vote for who they thought was the best costume couple for the prize winning at the end of the party and low and behold we came SECOND!! We were not expecting to even get one vote as the other costumes were amazing and had so much work and effort put into them. But we learned we got voted for because of our personalities, so we really did feel like winners 🙂

We won a lovely bottle of red wine and two wine glasses. Its always the way isn’t it? Last minute nights out are always the best!

I hope you all enjoyed this Halloween post. I would love to see some of your costumes or makeup looks you did for the night so let me know in the comments below if you liked this post and what you did for your Halloween weekend!

Peace and love my beauties,